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Responding to Online Crisis

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Kim Kardashian

In today’s society, an average person will be subject to assorted mediums almost dictating how he or she should live his or her life, what to eat, how to dress and how what communicational resources are best. This is just for the average person. You and I are allowed to get it wrong sometimes because we won’t be bombarded with judgment from external sources. However, in saying this, what happens if you were not ‘average’? In my very first blog, I will be discussing crisis management especially in an online world where most of us spend most our time. I will be using excellent examples throughout my blogging. One of which is socialite Kim Karadashian. In the above image we assume she is a glamorous entertainer who has an outstanding career however, when perception intertwines with the reality of Kim after a sex tape was released online, Public Relations crisis management took place. A professional team dealt with Kim not only focusing on her exterior but also using resources online that worked against her notorious, temporary reputation. When online statistics were released claiming that Kim was one of the most searched celebrities, the PR team went viral which derailed the ‘porn star’ image into a conservative, shy and respectable socialite. All this was accomplished via popular status site Twitter where Kim posts status updates about her day, her friends, her family and anything associated with having a respectable portrayal.  

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March 15, 2011 at 4:24 am

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