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Another case of PR crisis, was relevant when Kendra Wilkinsons ex boyfriend released a sex tape they’d made prior to her entering the play boy mansion. At the age of 19, Kendra entered the playboy mansion for the first time, leaving her boyfriend behind. After years of living in the play boy mansion, she then moved on to marrying Hank Baskett a player for the NFL. Shortly after this Kendra was Pregnant and had a baby boy. And then it was released, just as Kendra had gained the approval of other people who may have judged her time in the play boy mansion, the sex tape was released. Putting strain on her relationship with Hank and her image. On the PR front, they could not start a television show as Kendra already had one, they were getting overwhelmed with blasts on the internet, some people claiming their disrespect for Kendra but a majority of males saying their sexual ‘feelings’ for her. Eventually, it was left to play out its part. It was obviously expressed through the television show that Kendra was mortified by this, there was no actual written quotes used. However, she let lose in an angered argument on air, ‘What did you expect? You married Hugh Hefners ex Girlfriend!’ This further leaked stories that her and Hank were separating. They were not. Kendra later told paparazzi that her and Hank were fine and they’d make it through. This is just another example of how the online social crisis can effect ones life so drastically. It can never fully be controlled by PR workers but can be merely steered away from complete negativity.

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March 24, 2011 at 2:00 am

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