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Slightly pleased with my simple life, I enjoy sitting back and watching celebrities and dominant figures get slaughtered by the press, then cry on the shoulder of their publicist! This occurred a few years back when RnB singer, Chris Brown allegedly bashed his then girlfriend Rihanna. The news hit tabloids labeling Brown as a ‘lady basher’. Jokes, facebook groups, websites and games were dedicated to Rihanna limewired instantly whilst Browns career slowly came to end. Well, almost. PR stepped in again and used viral powers to repent his so called sins. Browns YouTube account was being bombarded daily by his true followers where he made numerous apologies, sang songs obviously to Rihianna and constantly updated his Twitter account with status updates indicating he made a mistake. Browns apology was hard to ignore as his PR team did such an effortless job to make him appear child-like and innocent even though the images below of the assault indicate otherwise. Apart from the typical viral sources, Browns PR team worked cleverly on magazine spreads and even a new album for the singer. If Kardashian and West’s cases were not enough to be convinced of how PR comes to the rescue, then Browns case definitely holds a very valuable position in the Public Relations industry.  Rihanna


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March 30, 2011 at 5:00 am

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