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So we’ve all heard about the 16 year old girl apparently sleeping with a st kilda football player. We’ve heard her cry wolf about being pregnant to Sam Gilbert. We’ve also heard the court case ruling its not true or at least not illegal. However, Nixon! A man that has had to deal with PR crisis’ before is now caught in the act (or so we think). Whilst saying ‘I did not have sex with that’ after he did indeed admit to being involved in drinking in her hotel room and then being photographed leaving at 7 15 in the morning. This is an example of statements, photos and evidence all clashing. He says one thing, a photo says 1000. It is almost that this girl was made a fool of first time round so she got the evidence so this time, she’d be right. Another aspect is his PR team might have thought, she was wrong last time, she’ll be wrong again. Never should anything go unturned. It is safe to say though that Ricky Nixon leaving the country has definitely proved ‘PR going to ground’


Written by acm1010lilvon

May 23, 2011 at 4:22 am

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